They are primary hangouts but there are additionally many more random belowground parties occurring, that are only revealed by word of throat

They are primary hangouts but there are additionally many more random belowground parties occurring, that are only revealed by word of throat

The homosexual world in Lebanon

Lebanon has some homosexual taverns and groups. But because homosexuality still is a violent offence, they stay away from promotional by themselves as aˆ?gayaˆ? and alternatively say they’ve been aˆ?gay friendlyaˆ?. This might be in order to avoid police force and not compromise their own permit.

The preferred aˆ?gay friendlyaˆ? hangouts in Lebanon are generally found in the investment, Beirut, which includes aˆ?Bardoaˆ? near Hamra Street, aˆ?Franj Cafeaˆ? in Bourj Hammoud, and aˆ?POSHaˆ? dance club, also into the Bourj Hammoud area. Around an hour south from Beirut was a beach pub also known as aˆ?Club 59aˆ? where Beirut homosexual kids always go out on vacations.

They are the main hangouts but there are more ad hoc underground activities taking place, which are just revealed by-word of mouth area. We recommend utilising the gay dating software (securely via a VPN of course!) to get in touch with neighbors to utilize the area homosexual scene to see what exactly is taking place.

In addition to that, make sure you consider our very own gay travel self-help guide to Beirut setting out the very best homosexual taverns, clubs, happenings, resort hotels to stay and things to do.

Is it possible to utilize Grindr in Lebanon?

Grindr are blocked in Lebanon. Since 2019, the Lebanese government was highly breaking upon LGBTQ web pages and software. You are able to, but however get access to it via a VPN, makes it possible for you to definitely connect with Grindr via a server found outside Lebanon. This means that it will be much slower, but you will remain capable access it.

We in addition highly suggest that you incorporate a VPN whenever accessing any websites or app in Lebanon because it will help you to search anonymously, therefore stopping your own websites incorporate from being watched.


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Best point about utilizing any gay relationship app in Lebanon will be cautious of catfishing and phony profile. Protect your own identification, just disclosing private information you’re safe showing and most importantly of all, definitely adhere the abdomen impulse about exactly who to meet. We advice checking out Ditch the Label helpful recommendations concerning how to identify a catfish.

Would it be safe to share social networking content in Lebanon?

You continue to can upload on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. But, keep in mind that government entities heavily tracks websites in Lebanon. If you manage publish any such thing avoid discussing anything gay-related and steer clear of government, especially nothing linked to Israel. Ready your social media marketing settings to aˆ?privateaˆ? on your journey and employ a great VPN provider so you can scan anonymously.

During all of our consult, we produced the error of uploading regarding the Beirut gay scene on our very own Instagram. As we happened to be making, we were stopped by the overall safety at Immigration and informed which our brands have been aˆ?blacklistedaˆ?. We had been taken apart and interrogated for an hour or so. No reason at all was ever given. We were fundamentally introduced, being told our company is blocked from Lebanon, we should not need already been allowed to submit and would not be allowed to come-back!

After examining utilizing the different Embassies (british one in my situation, the French for Seby in addition to Lebanese Embassy in London), we have no official explanation as to why each of our brands were blacklisted. Neither of us was in fact to Israel before, and our very own brands are completely not related aˆ“ Stefan Arestis (UK passport) and Sebastien Chaneac (French passport). Really the only possible reason got which our on the web posts was in fact flagged and in addition we posses a tremendously gay online presence!

We’ve got since read reports of additional LGBTQ travellers experiencing the exact same trouble with the General protection at Beirut Airport. This is exactly why we firmly advise you take the safety precautions put down in this post!

Mixed ideas about Lebanon: a lovely nation, however, if you’re gay, you usually want to observe the back right here!

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